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Product Care

Caring for your jewellery properly will help it last forever, as well as ensure it stays looking clean and pristine.

Here are some basic guidelines for when it comes to looking after your jewellery:


  • Store jewellery carefully when not being worn. Wrap individually in cloth or put them in separate jewellery box compartments to avoid scratching
  • Put jewellery on last after dressing and applying makeup, perfume and hair products
  • Check fasteners frequently for general wear and tear
  • Handle gems and pearls as little as possible to avoid natural oils from your skin dulling the stones


  • Wear in water (bathing, washing hands, swimming)
  • Wear in bed
  • Wear while sunbathing
  • Wear while preparing and cooking food
  • Wear while having hair coloured or styled
  • Wear when exercising
  • Wear when doing housework (gardening, cleaning, DIY)
  • Use harmful and abrasive cleaning products on jewellery

Looking after sterling silver

Use a microfiber cloth or specialist jewellery cloth to clean any sterling silver. Only use fluids that are designed to specifically clean sterling silver to avoid further tarnishing.

Looking after yellow gold

Yellow gold can be cleaned in the same manner as sterling silver, and can also be taken to a jeweller for specialist cleaning and polishing. 

Looking after white gold

White gold usually requires more maintenance to upkeep its beautiful appearance. Rhodium plating (rhodium is in the platinum family) enhances the quality of white gold jewellery, but will generally fade over time. This means that professional re-rhodium plating once a year is required to keep it looking brand new. 

Looking after pearls

Avoid pulling and tugging on pearls, and make sure that they’re wiped with a soft cloth after wearing.

Specific care instructions should always be followed for individual pieces of jewellery.