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Metal Buying Guide


Platinum is 95% pure so doesn't oxidise in the air so you can be sure that the colour won't fade away and you will also have a piece of jewellery that is strong and durable.  

Platinum will be hallmarked and it has a density that makes it the perfect partner for diamonds and gemstones making platinum an ideal wedding or engagement ring along with high quality earrings and necklaces.


Gold has been around for as long as we can remember and has been prominent in history especially for religious practices and gold wedding rings.  Gold is popular as it can be manipulated into shapes without distorting the metal and you will often find it mixed with other alloys to add extra strength including silver, copper and zinc.

Gold is measured in carats as we all know and these carats are divided into 24 with pure gold being 24carat gold so something that is 18carat gold is 3/4 gold so to speak with 9 carat gold coming in at around 37% gold. 

Yellow Gold

Gold is naturally yellow so whats with yellow gold? Well... Yellow gold comes in at 9, 14 or 18 carats and the colour is influenced by the materials that are added to make up the reminder of the jewellery item.

White Gold

White gold has been a popular choice for around 100 years now and is one of the most popular colours of gold jewellery due to its clean and shiny appearance which is a result of the mixing of copper, zinc and palladium and adding that to the gold. 

Rose Gold

Rose gold is made by mixing yellow gold with a copper alloy to get a stunning shade and often features in a wide range of jewellery items such as necklaces, bracelets and watches making it a popular modern choice.

Two Tone

Two tone gold is a mixture of the three colours such as yellow, white and rose gold.  Two tone can be made up of any two of these gold colours and again allows flexibility in the production of jewellery items to suit every occasion.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver has been used throughout history for a multitude of purposes from jewellery items and money and you will often find it, much like gold, mixed with other metal types to increase its strength and flexibility/colour.  All silver carries a hallmark with 925 being the highest accolade and due to its clean and shiny look, silver is a popular jewellery choice, especially for rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is made up of chromium mixed with steel which prevents the steel from rusting giving a long lasting effect and a clean and shiny appearance. Stainless steel is widely used as it allows flexibility for fashion items at a much cheaper cost than real metals which i ideal when you're looking for that accessory you may only wear once or twice.


Titanium is a very popular material due to its strength and durability whilst it offers the flexibility to be polished in a variety of colours making it ideal for watches and jewellery items. Titanium is a contemporary metal and is often sang about by pop stars in reference to its beauty and strength whilst its also hypoallergenic so does not include any alloys!


Palladium has a stunning white finish and is becoming a modern popular choice for rings primarily amongst other jewellery items. Palladium can also be added to make white gold and is strong whilst remaining pure preventing it from expanding when exposed to heat so you really get longevity out of palladium so you can see why its as popular as it is.


This metal is rarely spoke of unless you're in the darts world but it is 4 times harder than palladium and has s running shine to it making it an obvious and popular choice for rings amongst other jewellery items.


Cobalt is a white ally and is often used in rings due to its resistance to wear and tear along with durability and natural protection against corrosion.


If you take one precious metal and another precious metal and put them together you have plating and the most common form of plating is silver with either gold or rhodium. Plating is often a cover of the outer coat of a jewellery item so you won't find a hallmark.