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How do I take care of my pocket watch?

Your pocket watch is something to preserve and treasure and they can be handed down the generations as family heirlooms and memories.

The following are a set of quick guidelines to stick to in order to make sure you avoid any damage and breakages.

Do not over wind the Pocket Watch - Mechanical pocket watches should be wound daily but be careful not to over wind it as this can cause damage to the inner workings.

Open Face Pocket Watch - Carry open face pocket watches with the dial facing inwards as this will protect the crystal from potential damage.

Ensure nothing else in your pocket - A pocket watch should never be placed inside a pocket with other articles that could cause damage such as keys or coins.

Do not force anything - Pocket watches with covers should be treated with care. Never force the casing beyond the limit that it can open. Damage may occur to the hinge or spring alignment and this could result in the case not closing properly.

Be careful when cleaning - Clean the outside of the pocket watch using a soft cloth.

Store correctly - Pocket watches should be stored when you're not earring them, either in the original packaging box, pouch or on a pocket watch stand where it can still be viewed as a beautiful time piece.

Be wary of environmentals - Pocket watches should not come into contact with perfumes or deodorants. The crystal may be affected and the metal may also be at risk of being damaged.

Secure your Pocket Watch - Always make sure your pocket watch is secured by a fob, lapel or belt loop to avoid dropping your watch and causing accidental damage.

Please remember these points to maintain the longevity of your pocket watch