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A Guide To Our Gemstones



Amethyst Earrings


Amethyst is a stunning gemstone that ranges through the purples and violets in colour and is often found in the far east along with Sri Lanka, Brazil and Siberia.

According to the ancient Greeks, amethyst protected them from drunkennes and it was often used to decorate drinking vessels.

Amethyst is traditional birthstone of February and is transparent to translucent as you look at it and makes a perfect accompaniment to jewellery.

A soft brush and some warm mild soapy water will keep it looking delightful.

amethyst earrings
Crystal Coin KeeperCrystal

hot diamonds crystal heart silver coin



 Crystal is another word that stemmed from the ancient Greeks meaning ice and rock crystal taken from snowflakes, diamonds and salt which all have a similar appearance in their structure with lots of flat sides.

Crystals are formed in nature whether through a volcano and magma or found inside rocks with the largest crystal ever found being a whopping 18 metres long and 3.5 metres wide weighing 380,000 kg.

The colours of crystal can vary greatly and healers believe that they posses powers to help us heal.

Crystal is versatile yet fragile and you will find it everywhere from your dinner wear to your fine wear such as rings and necklaces.

We recommend a linen cloth and some warm soapy water with a soft brush for a good clean to keep your crystal in tip top condition.


Cubic ZirconiaCubic Zirconia Bracelet


Cubic Zirconia is a synthesised diamond substitute where only a trained eye can really tell that they're not real diamonds and because of this it has become a superbly popular choice as you get the beauty of the diamond without the price!

Cubic Zirconia is as hard like a diamond and harder than all other gemstones whilst it is also colourless and faultless to look at and before it became popular, people were selling them masqueraded as real diamonds with real diamond prices as who would have known!  

During the manufacture process cubic zirconia can be tinged with a colour for decorative purposes so expect to see them in green, purple and pinks amongst other colours

Cubic Zirconia is a delightful alternative to a diamond with the only difference being you know its not a real diamond, but if you asked people to guess, they couldn't, even if they think they can.

Purple Diamond CharmDiamond

endless purple diamond charm  

The word Diamond is taken from the Ancient Greeks and translates to unbreakable or unalterable. This gemstone is so precious and valuable there are institutions set up to grade and certify them.

You will have heard of the 4 C's which stands for Cut, Clarity, Colour & Carat and this method is used to grade them. The Diamonds fluorescence is also taken into consideration and if it looks lifeless then this can affect the valuation.

Diamonds are mined which adds to their expense and the most popular jewellery items for Diamonds are engagement and wedding rings although you will find Diamonds on almost all jewellery types.

Diamonds have been around since at least the 4th century B.C in terms of what we know but as they are a natural mineral formed by the Earth, its likely that they have been used for thousands of years.

HematiteHematite Geo Bracelet

Hematite should be the halloween gemstone as the colours range from blacks through to greys and browns and reds. 

The name was originally taken from the Greek word for blood however we use the Latin variation but essentially, its a blood-red stone, which were most commonly found when naming occurred.

Hematite became popular in the Victorian period and it is essentially a bi-product of iron when iron is mined so not really a glamorous story for this stone to brag about but you can't argue with its beauty. 

In a world of crystal meanings, Hematite is believed to protect you whilst helping to keep your feet on the ground and give you an ability to organise your thoughts. 


hematite cooer de lion geo cube bracelet
Mother of Pearl 33mm CoinMother of Pearl



Ah... The mother of the pearl. But what exactly is it?

Well put simply, its the outer protective coating layer of a pearl and is created by molluscs (think little water snails) which are essentially creatures that have shells and live in water. There are over 20 thousand species of them!

The material is actually called Nacre which just doesn't sound as nice. These molluscs (shell owners) produce mother of pearl but you won't always find a pearl, so mother of pearl is much more accessible and less expensive than pearls.

Mother of pearl is translucent in colour, especially when applied thinly and you will find it in colours that are white, grey and silver but its not uncommon to find it in green, blues and red amongst other colours.

Mother of Pearl is believed to lure prosperity to you whilst offering healing powers and raising your intuition and imagination. 

OnyxBlack Onyx Dragonfly Necklace

 Onyx is often red or black and looks visually stunning whilst its mythically believed that onyx is the result of cupid hitting the goddess of love venus in the toes resulting in a flow of onyx into the seas.

You can take from that what you will but Onyx is deemed a protective stone that reduces promiscuity.

Onyx is also believed to provide vigour and self control and is found in places such as South America, China and Canada to name a few.

The Romans used onyx as ornamental accompaniments to gold items and interestingly the name Onyx derives from the Greeks and means claw, or fingernail, which sits alongside the mythical belief of its powers of protection. Its also believed to ward of negativity!


hot diamonds black onyx dragonfly necklace

aviv handmade ladies opal stone necklace 

Opal is a stunning gemstone, although based on its make up its not officially classed by science as a mineral, but more so a mineraloid but we won't go into that right now.

Opal refracts light and depending on the environment it formed in depends on the degree of light it can refract so it can take on many colours and each one can offer different colour ranges from a clear see through colour right through the colour scale to black! 

Black opals are the most rare and are a delightful thing to own whereas white and green opals are more commonly found.  Opals are the birthstone of October and is aptly named, again by the Greeks as it translates into changing in colour (opallios) 

Opals look stunning in any colour and their ability to refract light makes them desirable as they appear slightly different depending on where you are and the lighting.


RhinestoneRhinestone Geo Cube Earrings

 Many moons ago Rhinestone was collected from the river Rhine which gave birth to its name and was made up of rock crystals.  

Today Rhinestone is made from lead glass which is referred to as crystal glass. Rhinestone is often cut to look like a diamond and is a popular choice for clothing decorations and accessories.

Rhinestone is essentially quartz which is rock crystals too and its been used for thousands of years to care bow and arrow heads and make ancient lenses to utilise the suns heat for making fire.

It is believed that Rhinestone or rock crystal improves speech and gives clarity of thought and none of us can deny the crystal ball, used by clairvoyants to see in to the future!


coeur de lion geo cube earrings
Swarovski CrystalLimited Edition Swarovski Crystal Set

 swarovski necklace and earrings set 

Swarovski crystals are named so as they are produced in Austria by Swarovski and interestingly is the highest grossing business today where the make jewellery and accessory items as well as the production of optical instruments for industry and they have over 2800 stores across 170 countries!

In 1892 Daniel Swarovski served an apprenticeship under his father who was a glass cutter and with is new found skills he went on to invent a machine that could cut crystal and he quickly put patent to it.  In 1895 the company was formed and is what you know if it today!

Today sees them repeatedly come up with innovative ways to enhance jewellery and increase its flexibility when creating new products and is an industry leader.